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All story began in 2008, when I first time flied with radio controlled model. After some flights I decided to attach camera to small airplane, and made first shots from above. What I saw, made a big change in my life and now I see the world from the birds eye.

Kestutis Urbonas, Aerialmedia.tv

Our book in Main City hall - gift for Teachers

Our book in Main City hall – gift for Teachers

Our projects with aerial photoshooting started in Europe, in our native country – Lithuania. We worked in this section more than 5 years. In that time we published 2 books “Our Kaunas” and “Kaunas district from above”. Our pictures were used as presentation of city Kaunas in international exhibitions. We made biggest FREE exhibition in Baltic states, where our photos were posted in main street of our city. It was more than 360 sq.meters of aerialphotography. That place become beloved not only for city citizens, but also for tuorists, as their guides started to bring them because of our pictures.

Many projects were made for Government of Lithuania, architects, private companies and even students, who were using our pictures in their studies.

With Lithuania President Dalia Grybauskaite

With Lithuania President Dalia Grybauskaite

By that time we collected huge ammount of experience taking pictures, preparing them for printing press or internet, also flying radio controlled models and developing them. We were invited in Airshows, where we showed potential of aerial photography.

Now we stay in United Arab Emirates. We are ready to do aerial photos and videos. We deal with video montage companies, animators and many more.

And most important – WE LOVE OUR JOB. It is not a job, it also hobby and passion. And theese conditions gives best result.


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